Christopher Cup Summer Camp

Back in early 2017 The Order of Malta – Thailand was invited to participate by sending the young and disabled to take part in the Summer Games for the Youth with Disability. After some discussion, we decided to send two young men to Singapore.

The Order of Malta Inaugural Asia Pacific Summer Camp for the Youth with Disability, June 8th to 11th 2017.

The theme of the Asia Pacific Summer Camp was “Seize every moment” and we did that.

The Members of the Order of Malta-Thailand seized the opportunity to send two young men, Khun Sawang Srison on a wheelchair and Khun Thewapong Puangphetch who is visually impaired to represent Thailand, among the other contestants within Asia.

It was the first Order of Malta Summer Camp in Asia for disabled youth, and it was very exciting for all who attended, the 162 participants from Philippines, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore had a great time, getting to know each other, taking part in new games, playing Boccia, boat racing, visiting the Botanical Gardens, IFlY soaring high above the wind tunnel was nerve wracking but also enjoyable and croquet. All enjoyed the lunches and dinners and evening was set for dancing and partying, and we certainly saw some disco dancing on the dance floor. It was four days to forget the troubles, make new friend, seize the moment for all, contestants, volunteers, family, friends, organizers and Members of the Order of Malta that traveled far to take part in Summer Games for Youth with Disability in Singapore.

We had such a great time, even the contestants forgot they were participating for The Christopher Cup Challenge which was a game of croquet. To our delight, the stadium erupted with applause and cheer when the Thai Team were declared the Winners and won the Christopher Cup.

The ‘experience’, ‘the efforts were well worth it’, ‘happiness is contagious’, ‘it changed my perspective’, were some of the phrases used by the participants.

The Asia Pacific Summer Games for the Youth with Disability ended with the blessing and thanksgiving for a successful 4 days celebration at High Mass, in which all participants took part of, regardless of faith.

Understanding the Christopher Cup Challenge.

In 1994 five Austrian youth met with a car accident on their way home after serving as helpers at the Order Of Malta Summer Camp Youth with Disability in Switzerland.

All five, Ingrid Reithofer,Paul Kaltenegger, Christopher Breisky. Markus Knezevic, and Thibault de Montjoye – died. Christoph Breisky’s { Christopher} favorite game was croquet. His parents donated his beloved croquet set to the Order’s Summer Camp. Since then, the Christopher Cup Challenge is held every year in memory of the five Austrians volunteers who served so joyfully at the camp.

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