Hua Lamphong Train Station

Hua Lamphong Train Station is known for its vast train network that services the nation. It is common to have trains departing and arriving into Hua Lamphong, from all parts of the Kingdom, throughout the day.

It is also where the Homeless gather to sleep after 11pm to 5.00am. (After 11pm the train services terminate and they resume again at 5.00am, which is when the homeless are told to leave the Hua Lamphong station, as passengers will be arriving.)

At Hua Lamphong every night, hundreds of Homeless gather to shelter from the cold or the dangers that night may bring. Families with small children can also be found, waiting for the trains to take them back to the provinces early in the morning. They may not have enough money to stay in hotels, so they share the station with the Homeless until their train arrives. It is where people of all ages, with no roof to call home, come together until dawn arrives.

During December 2019, the Members of the Order of Malta-Thailand came to know that many Homeless at Hua Lamphong needed assistance not just for food, but also in keeping warm during the nights when it got cold.

Since food was thankfully being delivered by other organizations, the Order of Malta-Thailand delivered blankets, socks, and toys for the children, which gave them comfort especially for the night.

Little precious moments often occur when we help others. This time it was a little girl coming up to us to make sure we didn’t miss giving her younger brother a doll and a blanket too. She had a heart to take care of the “littlest” in her midst, very motivating for us as we strive to help the sick and the poor. 

The Order of Malta-Thailand distributed over 600 blankets during December 2019, together with socks, warm clothes, dry food and toys for the children.

The Order of Malta-Thailand : Serving the Sick and the Poor.

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